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When society is more developed, the demand for food, electricity, water,… all increase. It is these significant increases that have led to many great consequences. For example, clogged toilets are becoming more and more common. The main reason is due to excess food and residues in the water filtration process. Many people were extremely tired and annoyed about this problem. So how to unclog a clogged toilet to achieve the best effect?

Unblocking blocked drains and what you need to know

What is a clogged toilet?

Nowadays, clogged toilets are very common. So what is the cause?

The cause of a clogged toilet

This phenomenon occurs mainly due to clogged toilet paper. After going to the toilet, you often take advantage of dropping toilet paper into the toilet instead of the trash can. Another reason is that when living in a toilet that is not large enough, sometimes you pour excess food in and flush the water. 

The greasy food will cause the fat scum to rise, stick to the wall of the drain, causing stagnation. Too much toilet paper does not drift in the pipe, which also leads to the blockage of the toilet waste drainage pipe. Sometimes, the full waste tank also causes the toilet to clog. In this case, you have to ask the address providing toilet cleaning service to be able to overcome the above situation.


clear clogged toilet

Price list of clogged toilets

Due to the high competition, in general, the price difference between the service providers is low. The unit price for toilet cleaning service ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 VND depending on the degree of blockage of the toilet.

In addition, if the toilet or the waste pipe appears damaged, the installation staff will notify you in advance. You can choose alternatives to avoid this situation from happening again.

Some ways to unclog a clogged toilet

Besides calling the toilet staff to assist, you can also perform simple actions for mild cases of blockage. Each type of toilet will also have different ways.

How to unclog a squatting toilet

You can use toilet packs that are easily found at markets and grocery stores. Then mix and use according to the instructions on the product packaging. The use of chemicals will help release the adhesives on the wall of the waste pipe, carrying them with the water flow. Thanks to that, you can handle the clog easily.

However, in case you can’t find those products, you can refer to how to unclog a squat toilet with a plastic pipe as follows:

  • Flush the toilet because if the toilet is not stagnant, it will be easier to unclog.
  • Use a plastic tube to thread it into the mouth of the toilet.
  • Perform a deep threading of the plastic pipe into the water pipe, then rotate it around to clear the blockage.

Since this is a squat toilet, the contact with the water pipe will be closer than the toilet seat. It also becomes easier to use plastic pipes in this case.

How to unclog a toilet

You can also find the drain cleaners mentioned above. In case you can’t buy it, you can apply the method below. 

Try making a plunger out of your mop as follows. 

Simple toilet cleaning at home

  • Put your mop in the provided plastic bag. 
  • Press to drain the water but at the same time keep the mop in place and the plastic bag that has been wrapped outside. 
  • Make a strong move to clear the pipe by prodding the mop about 10-15 times, then drain the water. 
  • Repeat about 5 – 10 times continuously. 

Viet uses this homemade piston to help increase the pressure on the water pipe. From there, it becomes easier to push the clogged waste down. 

How to unclog a toilet that is clogged with toilet paper?

It’s very easy to get clogged with toilet paper. Normally, you use toilet paper that goes straight down the flushing toilet. Over time, the amount of toilet paper accumulates and expands due to contact with water, forming an obstacle to block the toilet. In this case, try using a little dishwashing liquid to unclog the fish tank.

  • Pour a few drops of concentrated liquid dishwashing liquid directly into the toilet bowl.
  • Fill the toilet with about 4 cups of hot water or more. Leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Drain the water and complete the unclogging process.

This is the simplest but highly effective way to do it. If applying the above method is still unsuccessful, you can ask for the help of a toilet unblocking service to avoid inconvenience when using a clogged toilet.

How to unclog a clogged toilet?

In case the toilet is too clogged, you need to use a special plunger to clear the clogged toilet. Flush the toilet first because the toilet doesn’t have a lot of water, it will make it easier to unclog. Then, continuously indent the plunger several times and stop draining the water. Doing it 5-7 times will help the clogged toilet to clear.

Clear the clogged toilet the fastest

In case the toilet is too clogged and cannot be flushed, you need to seek the help of a clogged toilet unblocking service. Make sure the solution is the most optimal for the blockage in your home.

The fastest way to unclog a clogged toilet

If you are too busy and do not have much time to deal with the problem of a clogged toilet, you can find good unclogging powders. What you need is to buy a pack of toilet powder and pour it into the toilet. You can wait a few minutes or flush the toilet immediately depending on the type of toilet unclogging enamel you use.

How to unclog a clogged toilet with salt?

In this way, the things that you need to prepare are some salt and baking soda. Mix them together, with a little vinegar and hot water to unclog the toilet more effectively. Pour into the toilet and wait 20-30 minutes then flush. So you have completed the cleaning of the toilet with simple but extremely effective table salt.

Use salt to clear a clogged toilet effectively

The above are the most common ways that are still applied in the process of unclogging a clogged toilet. If you feel that the toilet is starting to clog, immediately apply one of the above measures to avoid too much blockage. You can use the help of a toilet cleaning service center if you do not have enough time to implement the above solutions. Don’t let a clogged toilet affect you and your family.

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